To carry a conversation, to bring people into a place where they want to see magic is no easy feat. It takes someone with a keen eye for audience engagement and someone who can create an immersive style performance environment at each experience. 

By booking James, Denver’s Most Modern Magician, you will get someone who doesn’t pull rabbits out of hats but strives to make a real connection with his audiences using immersive and interactive techniques garnered from his immersive and storytelling background. 

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  • EVENT PLanning

Let’s create a night not to forget. Working with local circus troupes and other interactive groups, we can help curate a full immersive evening that can take your cocktail party into new worlds and experiences. Using a magical background, I can help create magical moments that you can performer for your guests. 

  • Guest Entertainment

Looking for a way to bring some fun and happiness to your event? Hiring a guest entertainer gives you the ability to keep the conversation moving, the mood upbeat and fun, and allows you to enjoy yourself and your guests. I will bounce from table to table, getting people to mingle and keep them entertained until the main event. 

  • Parlour

A well curated show gives your guests an opportunity to be amazed. Instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, we create shows that will bring guests on stage and have them amazed and impressed. I can curate the show for any special moments that you would like to include. 

  • Master of

Do you need a host or emcee? Maybe just someone to keep track of time and move people around the space. A magician is a great way to help keep the flow of the party moving organically. You enjoy your party and just be amazed as it moves from activity to activity seamlessly with a fun and entertaining host. 

  • restaurant
    Bar Magic

Enjoy a fine meal, then enjoy table entertainment with a great magician. Instead of feeling stale or like a kids magician, I can make audiences feel comfortable at their table, make them feel engaged and entertained. The tricks curated for a bar or restaurant are modern approaches to classics that will make audiences impressed without being bored. 

  • nightlife

Imagine at your club you have VIP’s that you want to give a night to remember. Sure they have the VIP space, the table service, but you know what is going to make it better? 

An exclusive magician for them that can give them a unique experience that is sensual, makes them feel important, and creates that extra 10% to make your VIPS more important than anyone else. 



Hiring a modern magician for your modern audience is a great way to bring value, entertainment, and awe to your next event. 

“James created awe and disbelief at our last party. We asked him to just sprinkle some fun into the night and it went from maybe some tricks to the talk of the night, even 3 months later!” 
-Nathan Scott, Inner Balance health center